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NEW Deadly Tactic…Cluster Scrapes and Scent Confusion

  New Deadly Tactic... “Cluster Scrapes and Scent Confusion”By Fred AbbasOut of all of our deer hunting tactics nothing has performed so consistently as mock scrapes, they have proven to be our single most productive tactic year in … More

Crossbows, Blinds, and Grandchildren

By Fred AbbasThere was a time for many years when I was infatuated with big bucks. My son Greg and I probably hunted every big buck state in the country over the past 15 years. But we never bothered to register or measure any of our out of state trophy … More


FRED'S BIOGRAPHYOne of the most humble and likable people you’ll ever meet, Fred is well know for developing his own unique and innovative deer hunting tactics that he readily shares in his stories and interviews. He has a large following through his … More

Quick Inventing Tips

A lot of inventors do not act on their inventions because they think that patent services are too cost prohibitive. They lack knowledge in this area and are not aware of the different types of patent protection that are out there. There are some shorter term … More

Fred’s 2013 Bow Buck

                           We were aware of this buck for about 3 weeks. He had been working one of our mock scrapes (She Heat). About a week and a half ago I had an 8 pointer come into the scrape and a few minutes later a bigger 9 pointer came in with … More

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